Coaching Report for Demo User (Demo)

Test XXXXXX - Module 9998, Information Security Demo

Topic Analysis

Topic Score Percentage
Information Security\Purpose of Information Security 1/1100%
Information Security\Threats to Information Security 2/3 67%
Information Security\Your Responsibilities 1/250%
Information Security\Password Security 2/2100%
Total 6/8 75%

Test Details

Module ID9998
Module NameInformation Security Demo
Participant NameDemo User
RoleDemo User
Branchhead Office
Payroll NumberXXXXX
Time Started2019-03-04 @ 10:40:27
Time Finished2019-03-04 @ 10:48:34
Expires On2020-03-03
Total Score6
Maximum Score8
Percentage Score75
IP Address111.111.111.111

Monitor Details

Monitor Not Monitored
User ID 123123

Administrator Details

Admin Name Organisation
User IDDemo Company

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